Dance Teaching and Management Courses

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  • Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management – CUA40313 (Delivered in partnership with RTO316240
  • Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management – CUA50313 (Delivered in partnership with RTO31624)

Students who enter the teaching certificate course may be young students who wish to enhance their employability skills in the area of dance or dance professionals looking to change their career path or add to their professional skill set. They will have a desire to teach. The course will provide training in dance techniques of specific dance styles, choreography and creating group dances as well as other areas that contribute to teaching and studio management including, but not limited to, managing finances and small business operations, providing first aid, planning and organising lessons, dance classes, dance performances and dance assessments, the skills to teach on a freelance basis and understanding the role of the teacher.

Students who enter the Diploma level course will have either completed the certificate IV Dance Teaching and Management course or its equivalent, who wish to build on the knowledge and skills delivered in the Certificate IV and wish to refine their teaching and studio management skills. The diploma course is an extension of the Certificate IV course taking students to the next level of teaching. Diploma students will have more practical experience teaching students at a higher level and creating more complex choreography and performances.