Meet the Staff - Miss Caitlin

So you’ve met the children, but have you met the staff? It’s time to meet our newest Drama Teacher Miss Caitlin!


So, tell us what you teach: I teach drama. At the moment I take the Prep, Year One, and Year Two classes on Saturday mornings at The Theatre Factory.

How long have you been with The Theatre Factory? This is my first year at The Theatre Factory. I’ve been teaching students elsewhere for a while, and I’m excited to now be helping The Theatre Factory kids build their confidence and develop their understanding of both the world and their relationships within it.

How did you come to be an arts teacher? I majored in drama and publishing at QUT as part of my Bachelor of Creative Industries and I’m really into narrative and storytelling. I also run my own business as an editor and a dramaturg – helping playwrights get the most out of their scripts. When a contact at QUT approached me about teaching, I jumped at the chance to get into the classroom.

Do you have a favourite class to teach? It changes all the time. I love working with older students who are starting to think critically about the world – working with them can be really stimulating. I also adore the openness and enthusiasm of younger students. The littlies are so responsive and they really throw themselves into everything. That kind of joy can be hard to beat.

What do you do when you’re not teaching? As I said, I run my own business as a writer, editor and dramaturg. I really love picking apart language and helping authors and playwrights connect with their audiences. I can also be a bit of a grammar pedant.

Can you tell us some completely untheatre related facts about yourself? I don’t have children of my own, but I definitely have a baby: my dog Harper. She’s a kelpie so she has a lot of energy – most afternoons, you’ll find us down at the dog park. I’m also something of a foodie – I can’t keep up with all the new food fads, but I do love spending time in the kitchen.

Thanks Miss Caitlin! Stay tuned for more “Meet the Teachers” coming your way soon!