Meet the Staff - Miss Winnie

So you’ve met the children, but have you met the staff? It’s time to meet our newest Hip Hop teacher Miss Winnie!

So, tell us what you teach: I teach Hip Hop!

How long have you been with The Theatre Factory? I have only been with TTF for around 3 months and so far am loving the students and staff.

How did you come to be an arts teacher? Following my passion of being a dancer I originally started out with jazz and eventually was captured by hip hop in high school leading me to compete with various crews! Juggling being a dancer and working full time as an admin worker really made me realise how much I wanted and NEEDED to fulfil my passion and do what I love to earn a living which was to just dance and what better way to do that than to choreograph, share and teach other dancers.

Do you have a favourite class to teach? I love all the kids I teach as they all bring different dynamics to every class, but I would have to say my favourite class to teach is the first class I started teaching here at TTF –  which is my Thursday kids! They are so sweet and because I’ve been with them the longest I’ve had time to build a relationship with each and everyone of them!

What do you do when you’re not teaching? When I am not teaching I am eating and watching Netflix lol.

Can you tell us some completely untheatre related facts about yourself? My real name is actually Juanita (Wa-nee-ta). I go by Winnie because it’s easier to pronounce and just a nickname most people know me by!

Thanks Miss Winnie! Stay tuned for more “Meet the Teachers” coming your way soon!