Vocational Training in Dance & Musical Theatre

The Theatre Factory offers full time and part time recognised training in the Creative Arts and Culture Package (CUA) as The Theatre Factory’s sister school, Academy of Dance and Musical Theatre (ADMT).

Please visit ADMT website for full information on the courses offered in:


For those who have been captivated by the thrill of stepping out on stage and getting lost in the world of dance or musical theatre (or both!) ADMT provides the skills and knowledge needed to accelerate your career journey to professional performing artist. Whether you want to develop your practical skills to move directly into the workforce, transition to university to further your studies or need to boost your OP to get into your dream university course, ADMT has a pathway option for you.

Being a professional dancer or musical theatre performer not only requires advanced performance skills in dancing, acting and singing but also knowledge of how the industry works, business skills, choreographic skills, design skills, music theory, health and fitness plus other associated units and how it all comes together.

The teachers and staff at ADMT have worked or are still currently working as industry professionals. Using their experience and connections, ADMT teachers are genuinely interested in helping every student succeed and provide opportunities for all to get
“hands on” experiences. Develop your professional networks while you study and participate in live productions and performances in preparation for the challenges of life as a performing artist.

Please contact our ADMT application team for more information on our specialised training courses in dance, musical theatre and teaching!