Roll up, roll up Miss Lee – it’s your turn to be ambushed by Miss Izzy!

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So, tell us what you teach: I teach Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, the Tiny Tots Dance Start Program and the Vocational Certificate Three girls.

How long have you been with The Theatre Factory? I started teaching at The Theatre Factory in January 2016.

How did you come to be an arts teacher? That’s a very big question! I did my first teaching exam when I was 15 for tap and jazz and I decided I always wanted to be a teacher and I never really wanted to be a performer… So just ever since then I’ve put the steps in place to become the best teacher I can be.

Do you have a favourite class to teach? I have lots of different favourites for different reasons! I really love Tap cause Tap’s my favourite so I love all my Tap classes. I love jazz cause I get to be creative with my choreography, and Hip Hop is the same, but especially my little tiny people…so the Dance Start and all the Prep and 1’s classes are really my favourite.

What do you do when you’re not teaching? I have a little doggy and I like to take her on walks and take her to the park. I also like to work with Community Theatre programs as a Choreographer and a small time performer as well!

Can you tell us some completely untheatre related facts about yourself? Number One… not a big fan of chocolate, massive fan of cheese! Number Two…I have 2 pet Guinea Pigs and their names are Apple Crumble and Cheesecake. Number Three… I grew up in the country riding horses and hand feeding poddy calves.

Miss Lee is a massive lover of animals so don’t hesitate to tell her about your pets too! Stay tuned for more “Meet the Teachers” coming your way soon!

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