What to Wear and Bring to class

To keep this task simple we have given all of our studio’s uniform requirements to Sue’s Shop, 871 Old Cleveland Rd (Cnr Gallipoli Rd) Carina. PH 3398 5106

The staff at Sue’s Shop know exactly what is required for every class at The Theatre Factory and can expertly fit you for whatever you choose. Just mention to the staff at Sue’s Shop that your child is enrolled at The Theatre Factory and what classes they are doing.

Following are details of requirements for each class – you may have some things already.

If your child is doing ballet they will need:

  • A leotard.

  • Dance Start, Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance – Pale Pink sleeveless leotard CL04 for  Skirt (optional) – colour to match leotard.
  • RAD Grade 1 to Grade 5 – Jacaranda colour Energetiks CL11 wide strap with princess seams and gathers front and back.
  • Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, 1 and 2 – Bloch Paradise BLL52750 in Black/Navy, examination colour to be decided in consultation with teacher.
  • Senior ballet class – Alternative classical colours/styles may be worn to class for levels Intermediate Foundation onwards.

  • Ballet pink socks for ages 3 – 6yrs
  • Ballet tights (Convertible) 7 yrs and up Ballet Pink
  • Ballet shoes with elastic for all grades. Expertly fitted Bloch or MDM brands are preferred.
  • Ribbons are required for assessments or examinations and performances and on demi pointe and pointe shoes.
  • Pink satin soft pointe shoes for Intermediate Foundation and above.
  • Pink Satin Pointe shoes for Intermediate Foundation and above.
  • Hair up in a secure bun (using hair pins, hair nets and bobby pins if required) and off the face. Neat fringes may be worn for class.
  • Headbands are allowed if required

Boys uniform is

  • White leotard or a short sleeved white t-shirt worn inside tights,
  • Tights – black or navy blue.
  • White socks worn over the tights.
  • White shoes with white elastic, Split sole shoes are permitted.

If your child is doing Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Drama or the ‘triple class’ they will need:

  • A black dance outfit. Mix and match items from the following list.

    • Black leotard sleeveless and embroidered with logo.
    • Tank top with coloured trim and embroidered with logo.
    • Black, Red or Purple hot pants
    • Black Skort
    • Casual loose crop t-shirt with logo.

  • Tan Jazz shoes (slip on preferred)
  • Black Tap shoes

    • Bloch ‘Tapflex’ for 13yrs+ or any other similar style.
    • Black ‘Tap On’ for 12yrs and under. or any other similar style.

  • Matt ‘Fiesta’ (or other brand) tights (Tan) with convertible foot for Contemporary, Tap and Jazz.

Boys uniform is black shorts or tights with black embroidered shirt and black shoes (tap or jazz)

If your child is only doing Singing they will need:

  • Comfortable casual clothing.

Students doing other classes wear their dance uniform to singing classes.

  • Tan Jazz Shoes (girls)
  • Black Jazz shoes (boys).

If your child has a leotard or jazz shoes of another colour they are welcome to wear this until new ones are required.

All Students should bring to every class:

  • Water bottle clearly marked with name.
  • Hand Towel Notepad and pencil
  • Folder with sleeves for Singing and Drama.
  • Demi Pointe and Pointe shoes for students who require them.
  • Change of clothes if doing more than one class in a day.
  • Food if doing more than one class in a day.
  • Any medications that may be required (eg Asthma pump)

If you don’t understand any of the items listed please ask and we can help.